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Card of the Day – K♣ – King of Clubs (Wands)

King of Wands9/11 –  a K♣ day:


King of Clubs is strong, courageous, bold and enterprising. He never does things in a way that would be considered ‘run of the mill’. He is fun, enigmatic, and enthusiastic. He has a commanding presence, instills confidence, and is often showy and theatrical. He is original and confident in pursuing his goals. Walt Disney and Mozart are perfect archetypes for King of Clubs.

King of Clubs
King of Clubs

Birthday today? Your Birth Card is King of Clubs.
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Learn more about this card here:
Learn Tarot – King of Clubs 

Other King of Clubs birthdays:
Walt Disney
Lewis Carroll
Mimi Rogers
Nicholas Roerich
Queen Elizabeth II
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Andie MacDowell
John Lennon
Mary Sue Hubbard
Roy Dupuis

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