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Learn the Major Arcana in 22 Days

In this online course, you will learn about each of the 22 cards of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, in a one-lesson-per-day format, delivered straight to your inbox.

This course covers card meanings, reversals, astrological correspondences, numerological correspondences, and each card has a video that describes it.

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Old Hollywood Tarot Deck



Currently in development, this Tarot deck features hand-drawn art based upon figures and icons from Hollywood’s Golden Age.
Charlie Chaplin as Fool, Steve Reeves as Magician, Lillian Gish as High Priestess, and more. Black & white imagery with gold highlights.

Projected availability: Spring 2019

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Tarot Mat & Crystal Grid

Tarot Mat & Crystal Grid

Suitable for use with several spreads, including 5-card Shadow/Highlight spread, 3-Card spreads, Double Cross, Relationship Spread, ‘4 Corners’ Spread, and more.

Mat measures 23″ x 23″ square, with adhesive backing to adhere to your favorite cloth. Various colors for each astrological sign to be released soon.


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