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Card of the Day – 5♠ – Five of Spades (Swords)

Five of Swords4/3 – It’s a 5♠ day:


In this card, we see a man picking up swords from a battle that has occurred. He survived the battle, and has a somewhat smug look on his face, as if he has gotten away with something, and is reaping the spoils of a war that has been fought. I have heard this card referred to as ‘Picking up the Pieces’. It also reminds me of Clint Eastwood’s character in a Fistful of Dollars – where he benefits from open discord between others.

This card reminds us to ask – how am I engaging in my own self-interest? Too much? Not enough? This card reminds us to find solutions that preserve and maintain our own self-interest, but to be aware of not being too self-centered or sacrificing the interests of others that might come to haunt us later.

Five of Spades
Five of Spades

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Five of Spades birthdays:
James Spader
Kate Middleton
Richard Nixon

2 thoughts on “Card of the Day – 5♠ – Five of Spades (Swords)”

  1. This is too crazy and here is why I say this…earlier this afternoon I commented on another blogger’s post and this was my comment:
    “I have so many questions for you on the concept of service. It is my nature to help others and have done so without any expectation of anything in return other than knowing I have positively impacted another. What I struggle with is that I have a tendency to forget about my needs and the service I provide ends up harming me. How does one go about balancing being of service yet taking care of their own needs? At the moment I am in a self imposed period of isolation as I am afraid of this very thing. I’m afraid I will lose focus on my healing if I extend myself to others. Does this make any sense?”

    I just now read your post and it through me for a loop…interesting don’t ya think?


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