Pisces Full SuperMoon – Aug 29th

Pisces Full Moon

Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces is a Supermoon (when the moon is closest to the Earth).

The Sabian Symbol for tonight’s moon is 7 degrees Pisces:
‘Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist.’
Concentration of values amidst the chaos of outer living. Clear light of high realization.
Acceptance of life’s limits.

Source: http://www.cornerstone-astrology.com/sabian_symbols.php?sign=Pisces

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Sabian Symbols for Pisces Super Full Moon:

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Card of the Day – 3♦ – Three of Diamonds (Coins)

Three of Coins8/10 – a 3♦ day:


Three of Coins shows a group of people working on a building. I call this ‘the builder’ card. There is the architect, the client, and the worker doing the physical work. The building is incomplete without any of them – the one who draws together the plans, the one who executes the work, or the one who is going to use it. This card also has team effort as a theme – accomplishing something together that would be dramatically difficult or almost impossible to do by one’s self.

Three of Diamonds
Three of Diamonds

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Pluto sends love letter to Earth

Screenshot 2015-07-14 08.36.57

After 9 1/2 years in flight, NASA’s New Horizons space probe will capture first-ever pictures of the remote dwarf planet Pluto and send them back to earth, including pictures of a heart-shaped feature on Pluto’s surface believed to be composed of frozen gases.

To learn more, visit these sites:



NASA’s New Horizons YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/L13kP7RcCBU?list=PL5u7fD8rLzj22GAMKStDhK6nGvJ2GhEVy


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Radio show tomorrow – April 7th – 8pm (PST)

Radio Show Tomorrow night… Tuesday, April 7th

Please join us tomorrow evening for my weekly radio show at 8pm (PST)
discussing Astrology, Numerology,radio Science of the Cards, and Tarot on blogtalkradio.com (link below).

We’ll be doing live readings on the air & mini-readings to callers.

Call-in number: (347) 826-7146


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Card of the Day – 6♣ – Six of Clubs (Wands)

Six of Wands3/30
Today is a 6♣ day.


This card is about experiencing or feeling triumph, success, pride & acclaim. It shows a man riding into town elevated on a horse, with a wreath of laurels around his head, the traditional symbol of victory. However, be careful of not getting ‘too high on your horse’, as that is another meaning of this card.

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