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Card of the Day – J♣ – Jack of Clubs (Wands)

Jack of Wands8/15 – a J♣ day:


Like all Jacks, Jack of Clubs is creative, romantic, clever, playful, and a bit of a trickster. He is the most confident, cocky Jack. Because Jacks are about trying things out and experimenting, trying to balance energies, Jack of Clubs can be adventurous, but sometimes reckless. He is courageous, but sometimes foolishy so. He is passionate and strong, but when he overdoes it, it sometimes shows up as anger. If Jack of Clubs energy is showing up for you, go with its bold and confident manner, but try to be aware of not going overboard.

Jack of Clubs
Jack of Clubs

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Jack of Clubs Birthdays:
Elizabeth Taylor
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Selleck
Max Planck
Nancy Sinatra

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Card of the Day – K♣ – King of Clubs (Wands)

King of Wands8/13 –  a K♣ day:


King of Clubs is strong, courageous, bold and enterprising. He never does things in a way that would be considered ‘run of the mill’. He is fun, enigmatic, and enthusiastic. He has a commanding presence, instills confidence, and is often showy and theatrical. He is original and confident in pursuing his goals. Walt Disney and Mozart are perfect examples of the King of Clubs archetype.

King of Clubs
King of Clubs

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King of Clubs birthdays:
Walt Disney
Lewis Carroll
John Lennon
Queen Elizabeth II
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Nicholas Roerich
Andie MacDowell
Mimi Rogers
Mary Sue Hubbard

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Card of the Day – A♦ – Ace of Diamonds (Coins)

Ace of Coins7/14 – an A♦ day:


This is a card of security, prosperity, abundance, and trust. It literally depicts the riches of the world being handed to us by the universe. The seeds that we plant in the physical world – whether they be ideas, feelings, desires, or plans – are what allows creation to happen, and they create the eventual garden that awaits us in the background. When this card appears for you, think about what you are creating, and have faith and trust in that vision.

Ace of Diamonds
Ace of Diamonds

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Ace of Diamonds birthdays:
Paul Newman
Ellen DeGeneres
Helena Blavatsky
Steve Jobs
Maria Shriver
Karl Lagerfeld
Carmen Electra

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Card of the Day – 7♦ – Seven of Diamonds (Coins)

Seven of Coins8/6 – a 7♦ day:


Seven of Diamonds shows a man resting on a staff and contemplating a garden replete with ripening grapevines and coins. There is a sense of waiting or patience in this card, as if the fruits of the garden are available, but not quite ready to be picked. I often call this card ‘Patience’ or ‘Harvest’. It’s also known as ‘The Millionaire’s Card.’ It’s also a card of contemplation, of stepping back and considering how things are currently. There is a sense in the card that the efforts put forth in cultivating the garden are in the process of blooming, and after time for them to ripen has passed, the reward will be ready for harvest. It can also signify stepping back and considering whether we are happy with what our recent efforts have brought us, and whether we want to make any changes.

Seven of Diamonds
Seven of Diamonds

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Other Seven of Diamonds birthdays:
John D. Rockefeller
Groucho Marx
Wallace Stevens
Mary Kay
John Travolta

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Card of the Day – 8♦ – Eight of Diamonds (Coins)

Eight of Coins8/5 – a 8♦ day:


Eight of Diamonds shows a man busy on his workbench, with his wares displayed on the wall next to him. Focus and consistency are two keywords for this card. When we apply consistent effort in one area for a dedicated period of time, results flourish. It represents harnessing skills of the external world and having the focus to apply them.

Numerologically, 8s are Power numbers. They represent ‘the manager’ and the knowledge of how to manage and handle power. The power of the 8 is accessed by giving and receiving in balance. When one of these outweighs the other, the power inherent in the Eight becomes inaccessible. The image I use is that of a boat; when it is tipped forward or backwards, it becomes unusable, but when in balance, its purpose can be expressed.

Eight of Diamonds
Eight of Diamonds

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Eight of Diamonds birthdays:
Thomas Jefferson
Edgar Allan Poe
Charlie Sheen

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Card of the Day – 9♦ – Nine of Diamonds (Coins)

Nine of Coins8/4 – a 9♦ day:


Nine of Diamonds depicts a woman luxuriating in her own garden, clothed in robes, with ripe grapes & coins surrounding her in the garden. She has a falcon on her arm, a symbol of popular sport and status among the nobles of medieval Europe & the Middle East. She is a woman of means, and by many accounts interpreted as by her own doing. I have seen this card referred to as ‘luxury’.

When this card appears, reflect on what you have done for yourself and the ways in which you have been disciplined that you are now reaping rewards from. If you are not experiencing this, consider how you could be more self-reliant and reap the riches of your own doing.

Nine of Diamonds
Nine of Diamonds

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Nine of Diamonds birthdays:
Cary Grant
Eckhart Tolle
Albert Einstein
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
Sylvester Stallone
Jennifer Hudson
Kevin Costner

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Card of the Day – 10♦ – Ten of Diamonds (Coins)

Ten of Coins8/3 –  a 10♦ day:


Ten of Diamonds is about security, inheritance, and the rewards of long-term investment and wise decisions. It depicts a patriarch of a family and a couple (presumably his family members) surrounded by dogs & children, more symbols of domestic life. He is cloaked in a robe covered in abundant grapevines, another symbol of opulence. The family is within the gates of their city or home, and imparts a sense of safety & security. 10 represents a cycle completed, and the beginning of a new cycle, or the transferring of this wealth to the new generation, and hence inheritance. The Kabbalah symbol of the Tree of Life is depicted in the arrangement of the Coins on the card, signifying completion and order.

Ten of Diamonds
Ten of Diamonds

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Ten of Diamonds birthdays:
Benjamin Franklin
Tom Cruise
Jim Carrey
L. Ron Hubbard

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Card of the Day – 10♥ – Ten of Hearts (Cups)

Ten of Cups7/31 – a 10♥ Day.


This is a card of joy, peace and harmony. Another name for it is ‘success with the group’. In the card, a family is celebrating emotional fulfillment of the ten cups above them. It represents inner harmony in alignment with external harmony. It reflects the joy that results when our inner world is congruent with our outer world. It is a time of forgiveness and of close familial attachment. Who do you consider family? Who do you experience peace with? Who brings you joy? Enjoy the contentment that this card portrays.

Ten of Hearts
Ten of Hearts

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Ten of Hearts birthdays:
Michael Jackson
JK Rowling
Pablo Picasso
Jane Fonda
Wesley Snipes
Avril Lavigne

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Card of the Day – J♥ – Jack of Hearts (Cups)

Jack of Cups7/30 – a J♥ day:


The J♥ is equivalent to the Knight of Cups in the Tarot. J♥ can sometimes manifest as sacrifice for those we love. It has Christ energy, and can mean being devoted to children or animals. It is the softer, emotional side of the Jack, which is playful, creative, youthful and clever. J♥ is an idealist.


Because the Knight in this card is wearing Hermes‘ winged helmet and also has wings at his ankles, he is embodying the image of ‘the messenger’. He is literally the ‘Messenger of the Heart.’ His phrase is : ‘I come with my heart in my hand, I come with a message of love.’

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts

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Jack of Hearts Birthdays:
Henry Ford
Wolfgang von Goethe
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rodney Dangerfield
Chris Robinson

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Card of the Day – Q♥ – Queen of Hearts (Cups)

Queen of Cups7/29 – a Q♥ day:


The Q♥ is sensitive to the feelings of others, reacts with sensitivity and compassion, is guided by the heart, and has a reverence for all life.

Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts

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