Card of the Day – 10♦ – Ten of Diamonds (Coins)

Ten of Coins9/1 – a 10♦ day:


Ten of Diamonds is about security, inheritance, and the rewards of long-term investment and wise decisions. It depicts a patriarch of a family and a couple (presumably his family members) surrounded by dogs & children, more symbols of domestic life. He is cloaked in a robe covered in abundant grapevines, another symbol of opulence. The family is within the gates of their city or home, and imparts a sense of safety & security. 10 represents a cycle completed, and the beginning of a new cycle, or the transferring of this wealth to the new generation, and hence inheritance. The Kabbalah symbol of the Tree of Life is depicted in the arrangement of the Coins on the card, signifying completion and order.

Ten of Diamonds
Ten of Diamonds

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Ten of Diamonds birthdays:
Benjamin Franklin
Tom Cruise
Jim Carrey
L. Ron Hubbard


Card of the Day – 9♥ – Nine of Hearts (Cups)

Nine of Cups9/28 – a 9♥ Day.


Because it is a 9 card, it represents endings of cycles – this could be an opportunity to release outdated ways of the heart – releasing outdated emotions, relationships. Explore unconditional love. Because this is a card that represents wish fulfillment, you could have a wish come true!

Nine of Hearts
Nine of Hearts

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Nine of Hearts birthdays:
Warren Buffett
Dale Carnegie
Napoleon Hill
Naomi Watts
Keith Urban
Katherine Heigl

Card of the Day – 10♥ – Ten of Hearts (Cups)

Ten of Cups8/29 – a 10♥ Day.


This is a card of joy, peace and harmony. Another name for it is ‘success with the group’. In the card, a family is celebrating emotional fulfillment of the ten cups above them. It represents inner harmony in alignment with external harmony. It reflects the joy that results when our inner world is congruent with our outer world. It is a time of forgiveness and of close familial attachment. Who do you consider family? Who do you experience peace with? Who brings you joy? Enjoy the contentment that this card portrays.

Ten of Hearts
Ten of Hearts

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Ten of Hearts birthdays:
Michael Jackson
JK Rowling
Pablo Picasso
Jane Fonda
Wesley Snipes

Card of the Day – J♥ – Jack of Hearts (Cups)

Jack of Cups8/28 – a J♥ day:


The J♥ is equivalent to the Knight of Cups in the Tarot. J♥ can sometimes manifest as sacrifice for those we love. It has Christ energy, and can mean being devoted to children or animals. It is the softer, emotional side of the Jack, which is playful, creative, youthful and clever. J♥ is an idealist.


Because the Knight in this card is wearing Hermes‘ winged helmet and also has wings at his ankles, he is embodying the image of ‘the messenger’. He is literally the ‘Messenger of the Heart.’

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts

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Jack of Hearts birthdays:
Henry Ford
Wolfgang von Goethe
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rodney Dangerfield
Chris Robinson

Card of the Day – A♣ – Ace of Clubs (Wands)

Ace of Wands8/25 – an A♣ day


Ace of Clubs is a card of enthusiasm, vigor, a creative force building and available to us. It has a sense of energy, confidence and courage being handed to us. The image that comes up for Ace of Wands is that of a runner holding a baton, charging out ahead and running the race – going for it, being ready to tackle the world, having belief in one’s self and proceeding with enthusiasm. It is also the image of the parade leader, raising and twirling the baton – marching out front and leading all that follows. If there is an idea or way of living that you have been thinking about beginning, today is a good day to start.

Ace of Clubs
Ace of Clubs

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Ace of Clubs Birthdays:
Jodie Foster
Clint Eastwood
Calvin Klein
Meg Ryan
Larry King

Card of the Day – 2♣ – Two of Clubs (Wands)

Two of Wands 8/24 – a 2♣ (Clubs) Day.


Two slogans that go with this card are -“Having the world in your hands” and “The world is your oyster”. It’s a card about personal power, being bold, daring to do what you want, taking a risk, facing fear directly, shaping your world, creating your own style, marching to the beat of your own drum – basically embracing and living your own original self and life. Feeling your own uniqueness.

Two of Clubs
Two of Clubs

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Two of Clubs birthdays:
Carl Jung
Jane Austen
Arthur Clarke
Demi Moore
Owen Wilson

Card of the Day – 3♣ – Three of Clubs (Wands)

8/233 of Wands – a 3♣ day.


I call this the ‘Visionary’ card. It’s about seeing what’s possible and knowing how to implement it, leaving the secure behind, looking for greater possibilities. It’s about envisioning one’s empire, exploring the unknown, and going in quest of a new adventure. This is the basis of what is culminated at the arrival at King of Wands. It’s a great day for planning and looking ahead.

Three of Clubs
Three of Clubs

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Three of Clubs Birthdays:
Danny DeVito
Rachel McAdams
Bill Murray