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Card of the Day – J♥ – Jack of Hearts (Cups)

Jack of Cups8/28 – a J♥ day:


The J♥ is equivalent to the Knight of Cups in the Tarot. J♥ can sometimes manifest as sacrifice for those we love. It has Christ energy, and can mean being devoted to children or animals. It is the softer, emotional side of the Jack, which is playful, creative, youthful and clever. J♥ is an idealist.


Because the Knight in this card is wearing Hermes‘ winged helmet and also has wings at his ankles, he is embodying the image of ‘the messenger’. He is literally the ‘Messenger of the Heart.’

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts

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Jack of Hearts is your Birth Card.

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Henry Ford
Wolfgang von Goethe
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rodney Dangerfield
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