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Card of the Day – 9♦ – Nine of Diamonds (Coins)

Nine of Coins4/12 – a 9♦ day:


Nine of Diamonds depicts a woman luxuriating in her own garden, clothed in robes, with ripe grapes & coins surrounding her in the garden. She has a falcon on her arm, a symbol of popular sport and status among the nobles of medieval Europe & the Middle East. She is a woman of means, and by many accounts interpreted as by her own doing. I have seen this card referred to as ‘luxury’.

When this card appears, reflect on what you have done for yourself and the ways in which you have been disciplined that you are now reaping rewards from. If you are not experiencing this, consider how you could be more self-reliant and reap the riches of your own doing.

Nine of Diamonds
Nine of Diamonds

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