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Card of the Day – 10♦ – Ten of Diamonds (Coins)

Ten of Coins3/13 – a 10♦ day:


Ten of Diamonds is about security, inheritance, and the rewards of long-term investment and wise decisions. It depicts a patriarch of a family and a couple (presumably his family members) surrounded by dogs & children, more symbols of domestic life. He is cloaked in a robe covered in abundant grapevines, another symbol of opulence. The family is within the gates of their city or home, and imparts a sense of safety & security. 10 represents a cycle completed, and the beginning of a new cycle, or the transferring of this wealth to the new generation, and hence inheritance. The Kabbalah symbol of the Tree of Life is depicted in the arrangement of the Coins on the card, signifying completion and order.

Ten of Diamonds
Ten of Diamonds

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