Card of the Day – 4♠ – Four of Spades (Swords)

Four of Swords3/6 – a 4♠ day:


In this card, we see a soldier lying on a casket in deep rest & contemplation. There is peace, stillness, and a meditative quality to the card. Though he is dressed for battle, he is taking time out to reflect. This card reminds us that even in the midst of action, it is valuable to take time out to be quiet and reflect. There is sometimes important information or a message that we cannot hear unless we become quiet and still. We also return to activity with more energy and renewal when we pause and take time out. Although the 3 swords on the wall are available for action, the one below on the casket is only accessed through reflection and non-action.

Four of Spades
Four of Spades

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