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Card of the Day – 8♦ – Eight of Diamonds (Coins)

Eight of Coins2/17 – an 8♦ day:


Eight of Diamonds shows a man busy on his workbench, with his wares displayed on the wall next to him. Focus and consistency are two keywords for this card. When we apply consistent effort in one area for a dedicated period of time, results flourish. It represents harnessing skills of the external world and having the focus to apply them.

Numerologically, 8s are Power numbers. They represent ‘the manager’ and the knowledge of how to manage and handle power. The power of the 8 is accessed by giving and receiving in balance. When one of these outweighs the other, the power inherent in the Eight becomes inaccessible. The image I use is that of a boat; when it is tipped forward or backwards, it becomes unusable, but when in balance, its purpose can be expressed.

Eight of Diamonds
Eight of Diamonds

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