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Card of the Day – 4♥ – Four of Cups (Hearts)

Four of Cups12/27 – a 4♥ Day


This card shows that when we are preoccupied with ourselves, we sometimes miss out on the love that is being offered to us. In the card, the figure is so self-absorbed and focused on themselves and/or the three cups in the foreground, that the additional cup being offered goes completely unseen. How can you open up and see what love is right in front of you?

Another relevant interpretation of this card is ‘introspection’. With the current Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (to Sag), it is a good time to pause, reflect, look within, and revise any outer goals in terms of career, status in the outer world, life direction, accomplishments we’d like to have or take on, and gather energy. Not favored as a time to begin new things, but a time to complete prior plans or rethink, revise, re-strategize, reflect, recharge.

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