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Card of the Day – 10♠ – Ten of Spades (Swords)

Ten of Spades1/4 – a 10♠ day:


This is one of the cards that people sometimes dislike to see in their spreads/readings, but it is not nearly as frightening as some think. Being a card of swords, it is a card of mentality and thought, and in the imagery, it is the many thoughts that are killing the man, the way he is thinking (or overthinking) about things. I sometimes call this card ‘negative thinking’.

It is also a card of exaggeration, and ironically, of hope. In the card, there are 10 swords (thoughts) that are killing the man. In some ways, this leads to making our problems seem bigger than they are. It is also the ‘Ending of Night’, in the sense that the dawn of the new day is approaching, and it also conveys a sense of ‘It is always darkest just before the dawn.’ There is a sense in this card that our present (debilitating) troubles are coming to an end, and in that way is a card of hope and release.

For addicts, the only time that they can release themselves from the bondage they suffer is to ‘bottom out’ or ‘hit bottom’, generally before a new, healthier and brighter life and future is possible. This card illustrates whether we will identify with persecution (the old way of being, that is essentially, dead) or with the coming of the new day that is dawning. There is some powerful imagery here; the Resurrection of the Christ follows this theme – renewal, rebirth, new life. Especially in this new year, there is a powerful tide of putting the old to rest and choosing instead to focus on the approaching (brighter) day, perhaps approaching or doing things differently than we have in the past.

Numerologically, this card is a ’10’, which represents the completing of one cycle and also ‘1’, the beginning of a new cycle. We see this in the night finishing and the new dawn approaching. When this card appears for you, you need to let some of your old ‘Self’ or thinking that has caused you to suffer, go.

Ten of Spades
Ten of Spades

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