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Card of the Day – 10♣ – Ten of Clubs (Wands)

Ten of Wands11/10 – a 10♣ day:


Today think about what is unnecessary that you are carrying. Is there a burden that you have collected that you could put down? Try not to carry too much. Rest a little.

Also a great day to teach all of the things you have collected from your experience. You bring a lot to the table. This is a great card of success and determination. It is literally ‘The Teacher’ card. Multiple inspirations and ideas are available to you when this card shows up. Make sure that you have an outlet to share them with others so that the multitude of ideas or ‘irons in the fire’ do not become oppressive. If you feel burdened by ‘carrying too much’, learn how to put down what is not necessary. This card has great strength in it – just look at the names below who are ‘Ten of Clubs’ personalities. Great day for writing down new ideas, as you will likely have many of them today.

Ten of Clubs
Ten of Clubs

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Other Ten of Clubs birthdays:
Sir Richard Branson
Barbara Streisand
Charles Bukowski
Shirley MacLaine
James Cameron