Block of Wood Meditation

Wonderful meditation…

Hermosa Buddhist

“You can be sick and happy at the same time,” said my six year-old.

His mom had just asked him what he learned at Dharma for Kids. That day, Tangpa had taught the story of the mustard seed, which shows that sickness and death touch everyone. The lesson is that by consistently applying Dharma in our lives, we can remain happy, even under the most painful circumstances. This is a mind-bending promise that I’ve only begun to understand.

“We also did block of wood,” he said.

In the weekly Dharma for Kids and Families class, a dozen children sit (more or less) quietly in meditation for two three-minute sessions, and in between they hear a story. Today they were imagining themselves to be a block of wood. Here is the meditation, but it’s not just for kids.

Block of Wood Meditation Instructions

Meditation is a mind that is single-pointedly focused…

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