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Card of the Day – 6♦ – Six of Diamonds (Coins)

Six of Coins9/5 – a 6♦ day:


Six of Diamonds shows a wealthy man doling out coins to the needy. It is a card depicting literally the haves and the have nots. One of the beggars is not even receiving the coins. Which of these figures do you identify with; the rich one handing out the wealth, the one being in a position of needing and receiving, or the one who is not receiving anything? This card shows us opportunities for collecting resources & knowledge, generally things that affect us on the physical plane because it is a card of coins, or the physical realm. The balance (scales) in the card is an image worth noting, as it shows that power comes from knowing how to give and receive in balance. If you find yourself always giving, find ways put yourself in a receiving position. If you are always receiving, find more ways to give.

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