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Card of the Day – 3♦ – Three of Diamonds (Coins)

Three of Coins7/12 – a 3♦ day:


Three of Coins shows a group of people working on a building. I call this ‘the builder’ card. There is the architect, the client, and the worker doing the physical work. The building is incomplete without any of them – the one who draws together the plans, the one who executes the work, or the one who is going to use it. This card also has team effort as a theme – accomplishing something together that would be dramatically difficult or almost impossible to do by one’s self.

3’s also represent creativity, and in this card, doing things as a group. Collaborative efforts are favored when this card is present – especially in the arts or anything having to do with creativity. If you are a writer, this card is great for editing work, or brainstorming with another person. Joint choreography flourishes under this card, as does theater. Think about what you are building, and how the involvement of like-minded others can further the effort.

This is also a card of thinking things through, covering all the details, and planning for the result desired. If you are developing a business plan, this is a great influence for it. 3 of Diamonds can also represent multiple sources of income, so if you are thinking of branching out to include another means of income, this can be a good time to do it.

Three of Diamonds
Three of Diamonds

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