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Card of the Day – 5♦ – Five of Diamonds (Coins)

Five of Coins7/10 – a 5♦ day:


Five of Coins is another card about choice of focus. In the card’s imagery, we see two beggars out in the cold, wearing rags – one of them even has a bandaged head and injured foot, walking on crutches. In stark contrast, we see the warm glowing light coming from the opulent stained glass windows of the church they are walking past. Neither of them appear to be looking at nor aware of the light. When we are too focused on the material world instead of the spiritual, it can leave us feeling bereft and empty. Every physical loss has some spiritual component to it. When we remember that the spiritual world is always available to us, and a great source of sustenance, we prevent ourselves from feeling cut off, rejected, or lost. The opportunity in this card is to remember that the spiritual world is always open to us, and it is our choice whether or not to participate in it or not.

Five of Diamonds
Five of Diamonds

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