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Card of the Day – 7♥ – Seven of Hearts (Cups)

Seven of Cups9/30 – a 7♥ Day.


Sometimes 7 of Hearts (Cups) can mean letting our imaginations run wild, or getting caught up in illusions or fantasies. It is all about making choices and seeing those choices for what they really are, and not what they might appear to be. I have heard it referred to as the ‘Temptation’ card – with so many choices in front of us, there is the focus on making the right choice. It can also be a card of dreaming or ‘Castles in the Air’.

Seven of Hearts
Seven of Hearts

Learn more about this card here:

Learn Tarot – Seven of Cups 

Birthday today? Seven of Hearts is your Birth Card.
Other Seven of Hearts birthdays:
Ava Gardner
Bill Gates
Julia Roberts
Lauren Holly
Bruce Jenner

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