new moon in libra: initiation, activation and evolution

by divine harmony

the new moon at 1’08 libra is exact on tuesday september 23rd, 2014 at 11:14pm PDT. this new moon happens a day after the sun’s ingress into libra, the time of the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere. the equinoxes are the times of year when day and night are equal- and symbolically this is a time to find balance within the self and in our outer lives. libra is a sign of balance- so this equinox new moon can start a brand new chapter in our lives in regards to how we strike this balance, or it may highlight where things are out of balance first so that we can be clear on what it is we need to realign within and without 😉

it is interesting to note that the equinox is the day BEFORE the new moon- so the equinox chart itself shows a dark moon (balsamic moon). there is something about the coming season (fall for those in the north, spring for those in the south) that has a focus on endings, completion, release, renewal and regeneration. we are seeking balance in our lives, relationships and the world around us- yet it is not until we are able to truly end and complete an old way of doing and being that we can birth something new and find the true, masterful balance we seek in our lives. this is amplified by the fact that pluto also stations direct on the same day as the equinox- so the lord of the underworld and planet of transformation, death and rebirth is strongly configured as an old cycle and season makes it way out. pluto is the root rooter of the Universe- so when he is stationary it truly is time to clear out the inner and outer crap in our lives!

this new moon is a powerhouse new moon for many reasons- and i HIGHLY recommend cleansing, retreating and taking time to introspect and reflect in the days leading up to it. we are not only ending an old lunar cycle at the start of next week (september 22nd-23rd)- we are also ending a whole season. endings precede new beginnings, but if we are still stuck in the past with one foot in and one foot out- we will not be going anywhere new! and worst, we will be dragging the past into our future with us- which depending on what it is we are holding onto, could actually serve to slow our growth and evolution down.

the sabian symbol for this new moon is ‘the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh’….

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