Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 8th

by divine harmony


the full moon in pisces is exact on monday september 8th at 6:38pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on august 25th. that new moon was in earthy, grounded, discerning virgo- but it was also opposite nebulous, diffusive, illusory neptune- so the whole lunar cycle has something of the mythical and magical, as well as the delusional and deceptive about it. can you think of at least one area in your life where things are not what they seem and where you are trying to get yourself out of some kind of neptunian fog? i know i sure can!

this full moon is potent- as it is in the last sign of the zodiac (pisces) and it is conjunct chiron, the wounded healer planetoid. new moon opposite neptune began a vague, watery and misty moon cycle- and this full moon which marks the midpoint is what i am calling a waterworks full moon! the moon in any of the water signs is already very emotional, sensitive and receptive- but i would argue that pisces is the most sensitive of all the signs. pisces is the sign of permeability of the ego self. the reason why strong pisces/neptune people tend to be so spiritual and creative (or delusional and deceptive) is because of their permeable boundaries. with the full moon in pisces we have a heightened sense of sensitivity- which could bring us to the point of bliss or to the point of pain and suffering. if you find yourself in tears leading up to this full moon- now you know why (i think crying is good- it helps you to release all that you are holding onto).

moon conjunct chiron is a very heavy aspect. there is wounding and pain around emotions, being supported, nurtured and being contained. since pisces is the sign of vast consciousness- there is simply no way to put a container around all that it feels and experiences! this full moon can bring up some deep psychic stuff around childhood, the past and/or the shadow. looking at any wounds and pain (or denial) we have around codependency, enabling, addiction, victimization or playing the martyr is key right now. to add to this on thursday 9/4 chiron was perigee- which means his orbit was closest to earth. whenever planets (or planetoids) are closest to earth their energy is felt more palpably- and so this amplifies the sensitivity and woundedness in the air right now.

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