Full Moon in Sagittarius

Playful Heart Astrology


Full Moon in Sagittarius
June 12th, 11:11pm CDT

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! It’s a bit of a hefty one… The planets are still fanned out all over the place in a “splash” pattern, where the energy is spread out in every which direction. Mercury is retrograde in Cancer; the power of the water element (emotional drama, whee!) is cranked up; and Venus and Mars are engaged in two very challenging oppositions with Saturn and Uranus.

You might notice some loaded subject matter that started surfacing last holiday season coming to the surface for some difficult resolutions at this time. Upsetting confrontations with major change (and assholes) are likely. What can you let go of (even more) now? What new freedoms are asking to bloom following the betrayal(s), and major changes you’ve weathered recently?

Mars is engaging with his third pass of a T-square with Uranus and Pluto this week…

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