New Moon in Gemini – May 28th – Stillness Brings Clarity

“Stillness Brings Clarity”

by Dipali Desai

Breathe in the fresh air. Allow the lungs to expand and take in the positivity within life. There is so much information to gather simply by allowing new experiences in. The New Moon in Gemini occurs at 7 degrees on May 28th, 2014.  The new moon phase approaches quickly in the lunar cycle and it signifies a clean slate or fresh new beginnings. There are many other astrological cycles that also bring new beginnings as well as the opportunity to manifest potential. You may want to further study those too for long-term happiness and manifestation.

The Sun in Gemini symbolically unites with the Moon in Gemini suggesting both luminaries are bringing focus to the sign of Gemini. The astrological sign of Gemini is an air element (mental energy, social, thoughts) and a mutable mode of energy expression (adaptable, flexible, versatile).

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