Grand Cross Weekly Horoscopes

by divine harmony

ARIES- week of 4/14-4/20
as one of the cardinal signs you are in the line of fire for the Grand Cross that is forming right now. add into the mix the fact that your ruling planet mars is involved and that 4 bodies are in your sign right now (the sun, mercury, uranus and the south node)- and i would think it’s safe to say you are feeling the heat! from monday to wednesday mercury in your sign triggers this Grand Cross, bringing intimations of what is to come next week. will you have radical, revolutionary new ideas? will new situations/people/experiences come into your life and transform it? or will you find yourself engaged in really intense, conflict-oriented communication with others as you assert your position and try to remain in power? right now the key to evolution is your ability to collaborate, compromise and connect with others. you are not an island, and even though yours is the sign most able to survive living on an island all by yourself- that is not what the Universal lesson is right now! the total lunar eclipse on tuesday morning is asking that you end some way of relating to others, so that you can birth a new way of relating and connecting that is based on a more balanced way of being. this requires give and take, assertion and surrender, taking a stand and surrendering. you are so good at being an example of independence, courage and innovation! now take that to the streets and teach others how to live/be that way, while at the same time being open to learning from others how to work together, have compassion, open your heart and forgive and forget the past. all week long sweet venus in pisces activates some deep Soul longings within you- for Union, for peace, for harmony, for Oneness with the Divine. as your outer life goes through massive shifts and changes, the key is realizing the deep internal Soul/Spirit shifts that are playing out. instead of focusing on the outer experience, i recommend focusing on the Inner One. take time to retreat, reflect, introspect and meditate. and stay open to hearing messages from beyond that will lead you in the direction of your heart.

TAURUS- week of 4/14-4/20
the Grand Cross energies are picking up speed- and for you a key place that the energy is focusing on is your 12th house of the Unconscious. this often misunderstood house has two very different meanings. on the one hand it is the house of suffering, surrender, fears, dissolution, endings, karma and self-undoing. yet on the other hand it’s the house of spirituality, service, collective Unconscious, intuition, psychic abilities and compassion. the reason the meanings are so disparate is that this is the favorite house of the Soul, but it’s the least favorite house of the ego. suffering, endings, fears, etc… help the Soul to grow! yet these are the very things the ego resists and avoids like the plague. the key to navigating the 12th house is our willingness to surrender- and also our willingness to look at our karmic patterns and shadow dynamics that we typically do not want to own. this week you have opportunities to connect into this deep space as mercury transits your 12th house and activates the Grand Cross from monday to wednesday. confronting your fears of the masculine, of aggression, anger, rage and the like (particularly where you have repressed it and projected it out onto others) is important. but you can also have some amazing openings this week when it comes to intuitive and psychic insights, and fantastic dreams that help you see beyond the veil and get to the Truth of yourself and the world around you! to make the most of this astrology i recommend focusing within rather than engaging in the drama without. the lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 6th house, bringing endings to an old way of being, doing and organizing yourself in the world. this is a wake up call to dream/fantasize less- and DO more. it’s one thing to have lots of psychic insights, it’s another to practically and tangibly apply them to your life in a way that serves the good of all. towards the end of the week you are asked to find your Truth and speak it, but it’s more important that you speak this to yourself than it is for you to speak it to others. the sweet venus energy all week provides solace, comfort and understanding via your friendships and community connections. as you navigate the rough, but adventurous waters- give thanks for the kindred spirits in your life that help make the journey more bearable and maybe even fun!

GEMINI- week of 4/14-4/20
your ruling planet is in fiery aries right now and the first half of the week he triggers the Grand Cross that is forming between retrograde mars, jupiter, uranus and pluto. this dynamic astrology can make communication feisty, forceful, intense and (hopefully) transformative. the desire to speak your Truth and be heard is high right now, but it needs to be balanced with an ability to hear the Truth of others. as one of the dual signs you get the whole duality thing, sometimes too much to the point of being unable to to nail things down and find one Truth you can align with. this malleable, changeable quality serves you in that it allows you to be open to new ideas and experiences, but when it comes to commitment, seeing things through or making a choice between this and that you may find it difficult. with the Grand Cross falling in houses related to money and Love, you are being asked to make radical shifts and changes to the way you deal with the financial world and also the way you deal with the relational world. with pluto stationary in your house of debt and shared resources, a transformation or perhaps even an ending that precedes a new beginning is being demanded of you in intimate or financial relationships. the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, children and fun- bringing endings to old ways of doing and being that no longer serve your growth and evolution. if you have tended to go along with everyone else simply to keep the peace, this eclipse may be asking you to take a definitive stance and stand up for what you believe in. on the other hand if you have been doing the opposite and have been doing your own thing in order to serve your own needs, this eclipse may be asking you to think of others and get beyond yourself. luckily sweet venus is bringing a loving, awareness-expanding energy into your career house- showing that although material or relationship life may be getting rocked and transformed- your career, life path, purpose and calling is opening up to new dimensions. the key for you is and always will be service. your life is meant to serve others. you are meant to share your Light so that others may remember their own and awaken to it deeper ways. this can feel easier to do in your professional life and harder to navigate in your material or intimate life. but if you have the capacity to do it at all- then you can do it in all areas of life, it just takes hard work and practice. this week provides you with opportunities to do both! so don’t miss out 😉

CANCER- week of 4/14-4/20
as one of the four cardinal signs (aries, libra and capricorn being the other three)- you are in the line of transformational fire with the Grand Cross astrology building right now. i am sure you already completely aware of this (it’s hard to imagine you are not)- but i would like to remind you that a rock cannot turn into a diamond without undergoing intense pressure. so if you can think of yourself as a diamond in the rough- you may feel more ready, willing and able to move through the powerful transformations available to you right now. the first half of the week mercury in your career house triggers the Grand Cross- bringing an initiative, focused, pioneering energy into your life path, purpose and calling- but it can also bring a fiery, feisty and aggressive energy into dealings with others (so watch out!). pluto stations retrograde on monday as well- activating your house of relationship and bringing an intense Light to the transformations, changes, deaths and rebirths playing out in intimate relationships in your life. pluto entered your house of partnership in 2008 and since then you have been going through a major overhaul in the relationship department. the whole point of this astrology is to take back the power you project onto others and become centered in it. it’s about moving away from victim/tyrant or power over/power under dynamics so that you can reach a new level of relating in your life- that of two powerful beings working with each other in transformative, alchemical ways! on thursday and friday black moon lilith in your sign forms a T square with the sun, the south node and asteroid Goddesses ceres and juno. old ways of being and doing in your public life and personal life are undergoing major shifts. if you can tap into the raw power of your intuition, emotions and capacity for magic- you can find yourself stripping away outdated roles that no longer serve you or your evolution. on sunday jupiter in your sign triggers the uranus/pluto square. this astrology has been playing out since august- but it’s exact this week which makes it VERY POTENT. opportunities for profound spiritual and material growth are present right now. the key all lies with venus in pisces. she is in your house of Higher Self- so if you can tap into that aspect of Who You Really Are and deal with the intense situations/people in your life from this elevated place, you will be amazed at the radical shifts and transformations that will unfold. with venus in the 9th you’d do well to get out of your own zip code, travel (literally or metaphysically), learn, explore and open your mind. venus in pisces is the High Heart and you have her transiting the house of the Higher Mind. imagine what could happen in your life if you aligned the two and lived from that space!

LEO- week of 4/14-4/20
your 9th house of Higher Self is the focus of all the intense activity right now. the first half of the week mercury in this house sets off the Grand Cross that is buildling- which can help you open your mind and see new versions of Truth, or it can incite in your a restless, impulsive, aggressive energy. if you think you have life all figured out- you are more likely to experience the latter, but if you are open to being shown areas in which you are not awake or aware then you are more likely to experience the former. the key here is to balance staying open with being ready to take action on whatever it is that reveals itself to you. the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 3rd house of communication, bringing major endings to an old way of thinking, perceiving and understanding. your little mind has ideas about what is real, what is True and what is right- but the astrology this week is about blasting that out of the water so that something new can take root. it is important that you are ready, willing and able to look at old karmic patterns that do not serve you- particularly ones around the masculine/feminine balance. if you have been overly yang- taking action, taking a stand, setting boundaries and doing things- the eclipse is asking you to find a new balance with your yin. alternatively if you have been overly yin- surrendering, forgiving, letting go and just being- then this eclipse is asking you to find a new balance with your yang. the masculine strength and wisdom must be balanced with the feminine Love and acceptance. too much of either without the other to balance it can create problems and issues in your life. luckily benevolent jupiter in your 12th house of the Unconscious is helping you to have these spiritual realizations and aha moments so that you can see where you are stuck, which then gives you a choice to get unstuck and move beyond it. another benevolent influence is sweet venus in pisces, Lighting up your 8th house of transformation, shared resources and intimacy. venus here is helping you to find a new level of compassion and unconditional Love- for yourself and for others yet her conjunction with chiron on sunday also requires that you really own any issues you may have with codependence, denial, avoidance, enabling, enmeshment or playing the victim and martyr. these are not typically things you think about with shining, golden leo- but with neptune in your 8th house, it’s best to look beyond the shiny surface and get to the roots that lie in the past. changes you seek on the outside cannot fully manifest or materialize until change has occurred on the inside. so spend time this week going back to the Source. you will be fascinated with what you find!

VIRGO- week of 4/14-4/20
with your ruling planet mercury currently transiting your 8th house- you are in prime territory to have some major realizations around your own shadow, your desires and needs, and your intimate relationships. in the first half of the week mercury triggers the Grand Cross that is forming, which brings breakdowns and breakthroughs into your intimate, emotional or financial affairs. shifts and changes help rearrange energy that has become stuck or stagnant. for a virgo who prefers things to be organized and predictable- this astrology is likely a bit chaotic. yet the potential right now for major shifts of mind, heart, Spirit and Soul are positively profound!!! the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 2nd house of money, values and self-worth- bringing endings to old ways of being and doing that no longer serve you. if you have been undervaluing yourself (which can be typically of virgo) then this eclipse is asking that you up the ante and value yourself as much or even more than you value others. of course this is an exercise in balance, so ultimately you want to find the middle point- but initially when you have gone to far in one extreme it’s often good and healthy to go to the other extreme first so you know experientially where the middle point is. on the other hand, if you have been over focused on yourself at the expense of other’s- then this astrology asks that you address that and move in the other direction. it is interesting to note that the ruler of this eclipse (as well as the solar eclipse on 4/28) is venus in pisces, who is currently in your house of relationship! venus makes many sweet aspects this week, showing that you have the capacity to experience deeper levels of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional Love in your intimate relationships. the key boils down to this: you need to balance your pragmatism and practicality with your idealism and belief in what is possible. it’s all about balancing your mind with your heart. on sunday as venus aligns with chiron, deep healing and heart-opening can happen in your relationships. but it’s also possible to find yourself deep in your wounds as old pain comes up from the past to be processed, healing and released. i highly recommend using this time to release the past, rather than hold onto it, relive it and get dragged down by it. only you know what you need to do to let go of the past. does it simply mean letting go of the emotions you are holding onto? or does it mean letting go of people, situations or things that no longer support you where you are growing. to find the answer to these questions take time to turn within. the answers you seek are inside of you- be sure you are listening with both your mind AND your heart.

LIBRA- week of 4/14-4/20
with fiery, feisty mercury in aries in your house of relationship, you have support in speaking up and sharing your Truth with others right now. but mercury is also triggering the Grand Cross that is building the first half of the week, so you may also find yourself in the midst of communication breakdowns and intensity with the sole purpose of bringing new information or Truths to Light. breakdowns can turn into breakthroughs- but the key is to ‘break’ with the past and the old ways of doing and being. as a venus-ruled sign- you prefer peace, harmony and balance- but with so much aries right now you are being asked to balance that with speaking up, expressing anger and taking a stand. if you find yourself doing this from an irritated, frustrated place- then that means you have repressed your needs for too long. ultimately the lesson of mastery is to be able to speak up and set boundaries from a place of Love and compassion, not from a place of anger and inflammation (the latter means you have held onto things for too long and they have become explosive). the total lunar eclipse in your sign amplifies this lesson tenfold. if you tend to stuff your anger, sweep it under the carpet and do things for others that is actually not aligned with your Inner Truth- then this eclipse will drag it all out from underneath the carpet! endings of the way your relate to others simply mirrors endings of the way you relate to yourself. with libra and aries on your ascendant/descendant axis- the key is integrating your feminine and masculine. ultimately you want to provide for your own emotional well being, nurturance and nourishment (the feminine)- and you also want to provide for your own safety, security, containment, material provisions and structure (the masculine). when you only live one and project the other- you end up feeling like one half of you is missing. the Grand Cross will help you restructure your inner and outer life so that is more aligned with what is True for your Spirit and Soul! all you have to do is be ready, willing and able. which brings me to venus in pisces, the ruler of your sign and the ruler of the eclipse season we are in (venus rules both the lunar and solar eclipses). venus is in your 6th house of work, service and health- showing that if you can tap into your ability to serve and help others not from a place of expectation and obligation, but from a place of unconditional Love and desire to help and heal others, you will find the days ahead much easier to navigate. venus in the 6th genuinely loves to work and help. venus in pisces is idealistic, but venus in the 6th house is practical, tangible and interested in making things happen. the key to keeping your sanity in the coming weeks is to stay grounded, stay working and stay healthy. so take care of your physical body and existence- it’s the temple for your Spirit and Soul! and be willing to take down anything that does not serve this- whether it’s an unhealthy way of eating, lack of exercise, or a job that runs you into the ground. to uplift your Spirit/Soul right now- you need to attend to your physical embodiment.

SCORPIO- week of 4/14-4/20
with your ruling planet pluto stationary and moving retrograde on monday, you have the capacity to dive deep and access subconscious material that can be very illuminating and revealing this week. your ruler is in your 3rd house of communication and thinking- deconstructing and reconstructing your mind, your mental habits and your thoughts. with mercury, the planet of the mind, triggering the Grand Cross in the first half of the week- you have a lot of revolutionary energy helping you to break free from past thoughts and ideas that have only served to limit your growth and evolution. with mercury in your 6th house some of this revolutionary ideas involve your daily work life, your health and well-being and your call to service. your call to service involves being a pioneer and a creator of new ideas and new visions. mercury this week can help you realize more of what you are called to do- but he can also help take down and dismantle anything you “think” you should be doing that is actually not truly aligned with your Spirit and Soul. when the ego drives one’s aspirations- you can find yourself on a path that is not really fulfilling or meaningful. checking into see what really feeds you and then putting your energy into that, rather than into the million other things you tell yourself is important is key right now. the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 12th house of the Unconscious, bringing major endings to the way you live your spiritual life in alignment with your material and mundane life. this eclipse demands that you take time out of your busy schedule so that you can turn within, surrender control and allow yourself to be led. if you have been hiding things or keep secrets, the total lunar eclipse can bring things to Light. the highest expression of this lunation is a profound opening to deeper communion with your Soul and Spirit- through dreams, intuitions and psychic impressions. amidst all this intense astrology we have sweet venus in pisces elevating our hearts and helping us to tap into the frequency of Love and Light that will help elevate this planet. for you venus is in your 5th house of creativity, romance and self-expression- showing that your heart-openings will come when you allow your creative juices to flow and when you tap into your own authentic nature, rather than do what others expect of you. the kind of creativity you are capable of is inspired and it comes from the Divine. to tap deeper into this well-spring of creative abundance you need to step back from your ego and it’s tendency to identify with it’s own creations. what wants to come through you is not yours, it belongs to the whole world. you are simply the vehicle- and the best thing you could do for yourself (and the world) is to purify and become the most clear channel or vehicle possible.

SAGITTARIUS- week of 4/14-4/20
the Grand Cross that is forming is an energetic configuration that brings our personal and collective evolution to a cross roads. we have choice in how things will unfold this month, but perhaps you understand that more than others considering your ruling planet is benevolent, Higher minded jupiter. jupiter is currently in the sign of his exaltation (cancer) and he is supported in his capacity to understand things from an emotional, feminine and intuitive perspective. keep that in mind in the coming weeks- as your capacity to tap into this more yin part of yourself will be worth its weight in gold. on monday mercury, the ruler of your house of relationship, commences his trigger of the Grand Cross energies- bringing major shifts, changes, breakdowns or breakthroughs in communication and thinking. with mercury in your other relationship house, it’s likely that there are some pivotal points of choice playing out in your intimate or personal relationships. getting clear on what is working, what is not, what can be changed and what needs to be released may be a focus this week. the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 11th house of friendship and community, so you are also likely addressing friendships that need releasing or community connections that you used to jive with but no you no longer have anything in common with. you are definitely in a period of cleansing connections in your life- and for a social, friendly sign such as yourself, it may not feel all that fun to have to say goodbye to people/communities that have given you a sense of safety, security or support in the past. but let go you must (or more aptly- let go or be dragged). on sunday as your ruling planet jupiter triggers the uranus/pluto square- you are given the choice of owning your power and being proactive about the changes you need to make in your life OR you can allow the Universe to initiate them (which may be more intense and not as much fun). any outer shifts and changes playing out have a much deeper emotional and psychological foundation: it’s all related to your self-worth and self-esteem. as you change your relationship to yourself in this way, you will naturally want to change (or release) relationships or situations in your life that do not fit who you are becoming. the guiding star energy this week is lovely venus in pisces in the root of your chart. coming back to the heart, to Love, to compassion and service- coming back to the bedrock of unconditional Love you have within yourself, as well as the idealism, faith and trust that what you envision is truly possible (in your life and on planet earth!) will be what keeps you afloat this week. this is not about delusion or deception about what came before- it’s about the capacity to see the shadow AND the Light. and it’s about your capacity to integrate both and move beyond the dualistic perspective that keeps much of the world stuck in the old paradigm. are you ready to be a way shower?

CAPRICORN- week of 4/14-4/20
you are one of four lucky cardinal signs who are in the front lines of the transformational fire that the astrology this month brings! don’t be scared though- as you cannot turn based metal into gold without going through the fires of purification. because of your placement at the front and center of all this astrology- you are one of the signs most capable of transforming, evolving and awakening yourself right now! the first half of the week mercury triggers the Grand Cross that is forming, and he does so from the root of your chart. the positive side of this is shifts, changes and innovations playing out in your home, family and relationship to the past- but it can also bring up some fiery, feisty, aggressive or conflict-oriented energy in your home/family life that is hard to contain. the key to keep your cool in the coming weeks is to know how to stop and count to 10 before you speak or take action. with pluto stationary in your sign on monday, all the powers of the lord of the underworld are focused on your sign. your capacity to go deep and see your shadow and transform yourself is high, but you may also find yourself stuck in your own negativity in ways that really do not serve your growth. my recommendation is that when you find yourself in this place- do something different to snap you out of it. whether that is going out of the house and into a strange part of town, eating a different kind of food you would never think to eat, or even going to a children’s park to hand upside down on the monkey bars. whatever you can do to change things up and get some new perspective will be super helpful this week (and this month!) the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 10th house of career and life purpose (the capricorn house!) bringing significant endings or releasing of professional goals, aims and ideas about what you are here to do on planet earth. it’s time to let go of what no longer serves, and it is also time to be open to shifts and changes that reorient you in a new direction. this could be radical, like quitting your job as a lawyer to go teach yoga. or it could be more subtle, like focusing less on your external goals and attainments and focusing more on your spiritual life and spiritual growth. whatever it is- a change is in the offing and you’d do well to facilitate the change before the change facilitates you! in the midst of all this radical, revolutionary astrology- venus in pisces stands out as the beacon that points to the Light. venus is currently in your 3rd house of communication and thinking- asking that you move more into your heart and away from your head. your capacity to tune into Truths from beyond via intuition, dreams, psychic impressions and the like are high right now. but you do need to give yourself time to go into this side of yourself. if you are so busy dealing with the outer world and putting out fires- then you will miss the opportunities available to you right now to commune more deeply with your Spirit. your mantra this week: go within, or go without!

AQUARIUS- week of 4/14-4/20
with the lord of the underworld stationing retrograde in your 12th house of the Unconscious on monday, i highly recommend you pay attention to your dreams, intuitions and psychic impressions this week (and last week). deep material can arise right now that helps you see yourself and your place in the world in more profound ways. the 12th house is one of the two houses of spirituality (the other is the 9th)- but it’s also know as the house of surrender and loss. it is interesting to note that often experiences of surrender and loss incite the most spiritual growth- yet they are the experiences that the ego tries to avoid at all costs! you have major opportunities for shifts and evolution this week- but they may be clothed in what looks like a loss of some kind. don’t just take things at face value though- look to see the deeper currents present and see where it may your ego that is resisting, while your Spirit and Soul are ready, willing and able to take the leap! another focus the first half of the week is mercury in aries’ trigger of the Grand Cross. with mercury in your house of communication you are likely feeling fiery, feisty and ready to take a stand or speak your Truth! this is great for new information coming to Light or getting Truth out that needs to be spoken or heard. yet you do need to watch out for your tendency to be impulsive and restless- as words spoke or things done in haste can have consequences later. on sunday jupiter triggers the uranus/pluto square for the 3rd and final time. these three have been dancing together since last august, but it’s not until this april that they join forces in such precision. there are many outer manifestations of this energy: changes in work or health, the structure in your life, and attitude just to name a few. but on the deeper levels, which to me are more important as they set the stage for outer manifestation, you are going through a sea change in your deepest held beliefs- both spiritual, material and otherwise. some new vision is coming through you and as you reorient yourself to it- your entire outer life will necessarily reorient to accommodate it. luckily throughout all this intense astrology sweet venus in pisces helps shine her benevolent, unconditionally Loving Light. for you this plays our in your 2nd house of values, self-worth and material reality. again- the outer manifestation of this is experiencing more abundance (yay!)- but on the inner level it’s about coming into such a deep place of self-Love and self-acceptance that your worth does not come from what you own and possess, it comes from who you are and how much you are capable of living from your heart. imagine if the whole world defined worth in this way! imagine what could be possible! it all starts with you.

PISCES- week of 4/14-4/20
the Grand Cross that is forming can be felt palpably in the undercurrents of reality and existence right now. for each of us it’s playing out in different ways, yet on both a personal and collective level this Grand Cross brings us to a crossroads where we can choose which way our existence is going to take us. as the only neptune-ruled sign (and with neptune in your home sign) you are more tuned into this pivotal point of choice than most. you realize the highest potential available and also the darkest shadow available. at times you may feel elated by the possibilities and at other times so sad and full of grief and the choices humanity seems to make. being the sign most tuned into the collective- these highs and lows may make you feel bi-polar, but actually what you are is a barometer for the collective. the key for your personal evolution and journey is to find and set your middle point so that you can keep on coming back to it, no matter what happens in the world outside of you. when you are capable of finding this middle point- you bring that capacity to the collective. you can be like a lighthouse in the darkness, reminding other people to turn on their Lights! at the start of the week as pluto is stationary and mercury triggers the Grand Cross, you are being asked to own your power and find a deeper level of self-worth that helps you tap into your natural intuitive and spiritual gifts in more masterful ways. you can have all the creative/intuitive/spiritual gifts in the world- but if you don’t believe in yourself or Trust in the Divine to lead you, those gifts will stay in the ethers, unmanifest and unreachable. the total lunar eclipse on tuesday Lights up your 8th house- asking you to stop giving away your power, but instead own it and integrate it. endings in ways of dealings with emotional, financial or intimate relationships is nigh. this is a time to face shadows and see where it’s time to set boundaries or perhaps terminate and end situations (financial/relational) that take more than they give. either way it’s a deep time to do Soul work- and giving yourself the time and space to do this is highly recommended. amidst all this intense astrology we do have a guiding star and that comes in the form of venus in pisces. venus is exalted in pisces and having her in your sign aligns you with her grace, ease, unconditional Love and spiritual beauty. venus makes many sweet aspects throughout the week- activating the Grand Cross in harmonious, expansive ways. opportunities to make positive change, to deepen or transform yourself and to tap into and open your heart and ability to Love yourself and others in unconditional ways is key. just pay attention to sunday when venus aligns with wounded healer chiron. compassion must be balanced with discernment, Love must be balanced with boundaries. unconditional Love is not about letting people walk all over you or putting up with unhealthy situations that drain you or take your life force. unconditional Love is about understanding that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have got. and it’s also about making health self-Loving decisions about what/who you will allow into your life and what/who you will not. this is about fierce Love- and when you truly embody this you have the capacity to wake up the world!

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