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Card of the Day – 7♦ – Seven of Diamonds (Coins)

Seven of Coins3/16 – a 7♦ day:


Seven of Diamonds shows a man resting on a staff and contemplating a garden replete with ripening grapevines and coins. There is a sense of waiting or patience in this card, as if the fruits of the garden are available, but not quite ready to be picked. I often call this card ‘Patience’ or ‘Harvest’. It’s also known as ‘The Millionaire’s Card.’ It’s also a card of contemplation, of stepping back and considering how things are currently. There is a sense in the card that the efforts put forth in cultivating the garden are in the process of blooming, and after time for them to ripen has passed, the reward will be ready for harvest. It can also signify stepping back and considering whether we are happy with what our recent efforts have brought us, and whether we want to make any changes.

Seven of Diamonds
Seven of Diamonds

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Other Seven of Diamonds birthdays:
John D. Rockefeller
Wallace Stevens
Groucho Marx
Mary Kay
John Travolta

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