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Card of the Day – 7♠ – Seven of Spades (Swords)

Seven of SwordsIt’s a 7♠ day:


In this card we see a man stealing away swords and trying to run away. He is going off on his own and seeing what he can get away with. It is very ‘me, me, me’ behaviour, one who is out for themselves, away and separating themself from others, taking a chance, engaging in risky behavior. In the Elemental Tarot, it is depicted by a character putting his head into the tiger’s mouth. I like this imagery for the card – taking a chance, taking a risk, going off on your own, following a whim, gambling.

Seven of Spades
Seven of Spades

Learn more about this card here:

Learn Tarot – Seven of Swords 

Seven of Spades birthdays:
Hank Aaron
Jessica Biel
Alexander Graham Bell
Katie Couric
Nicolas Cage

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