Helter-Skelter, Topsy-Turvy, Pell-Mell

Through the Peacock's Eyes

No, I’m not speaking gibber-jabber here, but these                                                             three terms do suitably help todia-de-los-muertos-art-rj2-new describe the current times along with the current astrological influences (this will be a Western Astrology post). Today is All Hallows Day, the first day of the Celtic month of Samhain, which marks the beginning of the dark half of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Beginning with sunset on Halloween until sunset All Hallows Day, it is said that the veil, the illusion, between the material/living world and the spiritual/dead world is the thinnest. Ghosts, demons, and spirits appear among the living, and the living pretend they are zombies, goblins, and fairies. Which is witch (haha, a pun! Yes, I’m having fun with language today!)…

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